SunForAll Solar Fund

The SunForAll Solar Fund

The SunForAll Solar Fund is a unique solar financing program that generates solar savings and environmental benefits from day 1.

Created by CollectiveSun with lead investor BQuest Foundation and other impact investors, the fund helps nonprofits access the benefits that come with solar energy so they are better able to focus financial resources on their important programs and services.

The SunForAll Solar Fund makes solar for nonprofits easy and affordable by monetizing solar tax credits and using an innovative low-interest loan to fund 100% of the cost of a solar installation.

By going solar, nonprofits can significantly lower their operating expenses and lock in energy savings for many years to come.

The SunForAll Solar Fund Application Is Now Open!

How Does It Work?

The SunForAll Solar Fund combines 2 components that add up to fund 100% of the solar installation cost:

  1. A 12% or more tax-like credit for nonprofits,
  2. An 88% loan with a 3.5% rate and 10 year term.


The SunForAll Solar Fund program features the following unique benefits:

  • Free technical review and project feasibility study
  • No collateral requirements beyond the solar equipment itself
  • Favorable underwriting standards
  • Below market interest rate
  • No payments and no interest until the system starts generating solar savings
  • A rolling application deadline
  • Savings from day one!

Funding Requirements

All applicants must meet the following requirements to be eligible for funding:

  • The organization is a valid and current 501(c)3 entity located in the US.
  • The organization has or is able to quickly secure three valid solar bids. (We can help!)
  • Priority will be given to organizations located in, or supporting underserved and marginalized communities and/or increasing social or economic equity.

Interested in Investing in the

SunForAll Solar Fund?

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