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Why Investing in Solar for Nonprofits Matters

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Social Impact

Lowering a nonprofit’s energy costs means savings that generate a positive cash flow that’s redeployed to support the nonprofit’s mission. Solar savings instantly translate into the programs and services our communities need.


Environmental Impact

Invest in solar for nonprofits to reduce carbon dioxide by replacing fossil fuel consumption with clean renewable energy. Solar deployments made possible through SunForAll Solar Fund directly support the fight against climate change.


Economic Impact

Solar can save a nonprofit millions in energy costs over the lifetime of the system and reduce their dependence on traditional fundraising. Instead of making a donation to pay a nonprofit’s utility bill, help them eliminate the bill by investing with SunForAll Solar Fund.

The Power of Impact Investing with SunForAll Solar Fund

SunForAll Solar Fund is a unique nonprofit solar financing program created by CollectiveSun with lead investor BQuest Foundation and other impact investors. Funding solar installations can be challenging for nonprofits because they don’t have access to solar tax credits due to their tax-exempt status and rarely receive favorable terms for bank loans. SunForAll Solar Fund eliminates these obstacles by monetizing those tax credits and using an investment structure consisting of a Program Related Investment (PRI) that includes a grant plus low-interest loan to fund 100% of an installation cost.

A solar system funded by SunForAll Solar Fund provides an organization with clean energy and savings for 25+ years. This means that the nonprofit redirects limited resources from operating expenses to direct mission support while you create a solar endowment that supports the long term sustainability of their mission. The Fund provides you with a return of capital and a means for investing in renewable energy to address pressing social and environmental concerns.

Climate change is one of our world’s most immediate challenges and values-aligned investors are stepping up to address it. You can be part of the solution by creating greater access to solar for nonprofits. Invest with SunForAll Solar Fund to unleash the power of solar for good.


Nonprofit solar financing for 100% of their system cost

SunForAll Solar Fund combines three components – a grant, a low interest loan, and a solar tax credit – that add up to fund 100% of the cost of a solar installation

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Free Technical Review

CollectiveSun will provide a feasibility assessment to determine the optimal project size and projected solar savings for the nonprofit.

No Collateral Requirements: 0%

There are no collateral requirements beyond the solar equipment itself.

Payment and Interest Holiday

SunForAll Solar Fund provides a payment holiday during the construction period so there are no costs while the system is under construction

No Origination Fees

Unlike other loans, the SunForAll Solar Fund does not have any origination fees such as underwriting, processing, or application fees, etc.

12% or more tax-like credit benefit

12% of the cost is provided by CollectiveSun through our Solar Power Agreement (SPA) with the nonprofit. Tax benefits that would otherwise be lost due to a nonprofit’s tax exempt status are shared via the SPA structure.

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Why focus on solar?

Having access to solar energy reduces operating expenses for nonprofits which makes them more financially sustainable. Stronger nonprofits enhance our social fabric and strengthen our communities, helping them become more reliable and resilient.

Not to mention the incredible impact solar has on our environment!

What is solar endowment

SunForAll Solar Fund impact investors receive semi-annual principal and interest repayments. However, after the investments are fully repaid, the nonprofit continues to enjoy free and clean renewable energy for years to come, enabling them to better serve their community. It’s like a “solar endowment” that generates savings every year.

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