CollectiveSun is proud to exclusively help nonprofits and tax exempt

organizations fund solar projects nationwide.

CollectiveSun’s innovative financing model applies tax credits

that reduce the cost of any nonprofit or tax exempt organization’s solar project over 50kW ​by 12%!


CollectiveSun Testimonials - Rocky Mountain Institute

“We partnered with CollectiveSun to finance the solar project because of their unique skills and expertise in working with nonprofits. It is with great pleasure that I recommend CollectiveSun to any organization considering solar power for their facilities.”

Craig Schiller
Rocky Mountain Institute – Basalt, CO

CollectiveSun Testimonials - Sunbury Bible Church

“Our team of deacons researched all available funding options for the project and decided on working with CollectiveSun. With the help of the folks at CollectiveSun, we were able to fund our project with a Solar Power Agreement (SPA).”

Deacon Jim Kohl
Sunbury Bible Church – Northumberland, PA

CollectiveSun Testimonials - Grace Point Church

“Our team overseeing the project interviewed several firms, and ultimately chose to work with CollectiveSun. We are so glad we did! Our church chose to install a 100kW system, and we were able to save 15% on our initial installation with CollectiveSun’s proprietary funding model.”

Pastor Bob Johnson
Grace Point Church – San Diego, CA

CollectiveSun Testimonials - Center for Spiritual Living

“CollectiveSun provided outreach messages and materials and a platform for our community to invest – not donate! – to our solar power project. The appeal was highly successful. We completed our CrowdLending efforts before the 40 – day campaign ended due to the great collaboration between our Center and CollectiveSun’s team members.”

Reverend David Bruner
DD – Center for Spiritual Living – San Jose, CA

CollectiveSun Testimonials - TERi Campus of Life

“The benefit of offering an investment is that many individuals who may not be considering donations now, have another pathway to support our organization. This new style of community engagement opens the door for more people than ever before to connect with TERI and get involved with our organization.”

Joseph Michalowski
TERI, Inc. – Oceanside, CA

CollectiveSun Testimonials - first southern Baptist Church of Yucca Valley

“Through the guidance and constant input from CollectiveSun we did raise the money needed to install the solar panels on the church. The church has enjoyed reduced utility charges and able to spend money towards other facility needs and missions. Without out CollectiveSun’s help through this process, we would never have achieved this goal. I would fully recommend using Collective Sun for your project.”

Deacon Tom Maran
First Southern Baptist Church of Yucca Valley


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CollectivePACE, a collaboration between CollectiveSun and Greenworks Lending,
offers unprecedented value to nonprofits via a 12% or more discount off the solar system price




CollectiveSun Testimonials - Rocky Mountain Institute-150
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