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Compelling & Discounted Offer In Your Sales Toolbox

Our Solar Power Agreement (SPA) knocks 16% or more off of the bid to your customer by monetizing tax credits – while you still get the full 100%.


Simple & Affordable Funding Options

Our automated process, simplified onboarding, and financing relationships mean you can quickly and easily generate an agreement for your project at any time.


Problem Solving, Sales and Nonprofit Solar Support

Our collaborative approach to problem solving and comprehensive customer service provides you with exceptional support from initial sales to project completion.

Simple, affordable financing options

for your nonprofit solar projects

We know you want to deploy more solar, and you want to serve your community. We can help you do both. CollectiveSun simplifies the sale and financing processes so you close more deals, help nonprofits improve their bottom line, and take care of the needs of your community and the environment.

Working with CollectiveSun helps grow your business because you’re able to provide solar to nonprofits more easily. Our Solar Power Agreement (SPA), a service agreement similar to an equipment lease, takes 16% or more off of your bid by monetizing tax credits normally denied tax exempt organizations, while you still get your 100%. We also help your nonprofit customers secure low-cost, long-term financing to fund the remaining 84%. All this means you’re offering them the best nonprofit solar financing available while you gain access to high quality leads. As social centers for their communities, nonprofits present opportunities for your company to be highlighted in front of new populations and potential customers, such as congregants at a house of worship. In addition to helping you access traditional community service based nonprofit organizations, working with CollectiveSun can open up new markets for your company including tax exempt entities such as HOAs, governments and municipalities, golf courses, country clubs, medical centers, and affordable housing.

We know that financing projects can be complicated and time-consuming. So we’ve made securing funds for a nonprofit installation as straightforward as possible. Our user-friendly process, which includes an automated intake form and standardized contract generator, allows you to quickly and easily generate an agreement for a project at any time. We also offer exceptional customer service and a streamlined process for both you and your nonprofit solar client from the initial sales conversation to project completion.

How it Works

Connect with Us to go over Project and Scoping Requirements

Get things started by reaching out to our sales team! We will happily go over our financing model and requirements for nonprofit solar projects.

Generate a Solar Power Agreement (SPA)

When you’re ready, we will provide you with a link to generate an SPA for your project that you can access at your convenience. If you have questions before presenting the SPA to your customer, let us know. We’re here to help!

Review the Agreement with your Nonprofit Customer

We’re available to review the SPA with you before you present it to your nonprofit customer or during your conversation with them.

Discuss Funding Options with CollectiveSun

If the project requires nonprofit solar funding for the 84% deposit, you and your customer can talk about the available options with a CollectiveSun Account Manager. We’re happy to make introductions to lenders we have worked with and recommend. However, your 84% deposit does not have to be funded with a lender we may recommend in order to take advantage of the SPA and associated 16% savings.

Contract Signing & Project Installation Begins

The contracts and final due diligence are completed. Then Notice to Proceed (NTP) is issued and construction begins!

Reach out and start the conversation

We can give you an overview of what CollectiveSun offers or talk about your project needs. We’re happy to make introductions to lenders we work with and engage with your customer to address any questions they may have about our process or offerings.

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Proof in the Numbers

With over ten years of experience working with nonprofit and tax exempt organizations across the country, CollectiveSun has a track record we are proud to share.

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