SunForAll Solar Fund

Applications are Now Open!

SunForAll Solar Program

SunForAll is a program of CollectiveSun in partnership with BQuest Foundation designed to simplify renewable energy projects and make solar affordable for nonprofits and tax exempt organizations. With solar power, nonprofits can significantly lower operating costs and lock in energy savings for 25+ years.

How Does It Work?

The SunForAll program combines 3 components that add up to fund 100% of the solar installation cost:

  1. A 18% philanthropic donation,
  2. A 12% tax-like credit benefit for nonprofits,
  3. A 70% loan with 1.9%, 10 year terms.

1. Donation: 18%

18% of the solar installation cost will be provided as a donation to your nonprofit organization.

2. Tax Credit Benefit: 12%

12% of the solar cost will be provided by CollectiveSun through its Solar Power Agreement (SPA) with your organization. CollectiveSun is able to utilize tax benefits that would otherwise be lost due to your non-profit status. These tax benefits are then passed on to your nonprofit organization as a credit.

3. Loan: 70%

The remainder of the solar installation cost (70%) will be provided as a loan to your nonprofit organization. The 10 year loan has an interest rate of 1.9%. There are no collateral requirements beyond the solar equipment itself.

The SunForAll Solar Fund makes solar installations affordable for nonprofits so that they can reduce their operating costs and increase the use of renewable energy.

The BQuest Foundation and CollectiveSun are now accepting grant applications for our SunForAll Solar Fund grant cycle! We provide solar funding to nonprofit organizations that plan to use solar energy to increase social and economic equity and reduce environmental impact.


ALL applicants must meet the below criteria to be eligible for funding:

  • The organization is a valid and current 501(c)3 entity located in San Diego or Imperial County.
  • The organization has or is able to secure a valid solar bid(s).
  • Priority will be given to organizations located in or supporting underserved/marginalized communities and/or reducing social or economic inequity.


Round One:  Closed on May 29th at 5pm PT.

Round Two:  Now open as of Monday, June 1st at 9am PT.

Select applicants will be asked to submit additional information that will be presented to the SunForAll Solar Fund selection committee. Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis, but are due by July 15th at 5pm PT.

Applications are Now Open!

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