Press Release: July 28 Webinar on Cost-Effective Financing of Solar for Nonprofits

Contact: Lindsay Harmon, [email protected], 619-736-7472

Newtown, CT — On July 28, CollectiveSun will offer another webinar in its monthly series to help nonprofits understand how to cost-effectively install solar on their facilities — Environmental Justice in Action: How Creation Care Inspired a United Church of Christ Congregation to go Solar.
Newtown Congregational Church (NCC) in Newtown, Connecticut took a significant step in their sustainability journey by installing a 58kW rooftop PV solar system. The system was installed by Purepoint Energy, and the church partnered with CollectiveSun, a company exclusively dedicated to helping nonprofits and tax-exempt organizations fund solar projects. NCC is also a member of the United Church of Christ, an organization with a strong sustainability mission.

Newtown Congregational Church has provided services and inspiration to Newtown residents for over 300 years. Part of their mission includes initiating and participating in programs and events that promote the spiritual wellbeing and health of Newtown and the surrounding communities. These programs include Red Cross Blood Drives, the Bridgeport Rescue Mission, and Mothers United Against Violence.

NCC was driven to pursue solar because they wanted to align their operations with their desire to protect the environment and lower their $15,393 annual electric bill. In their first year with the system, NCC reduced their operating costs by $8,499, which was $2,451 more than anticipated. The project is expected to save the church an estimated $100,000 over the 25-year life of the system.

“Our solar panels are a visible statement to the Newtown community of our commitment to Christ’s teaching. As an early solar adapter in the faith community, we signaled to all our commitment to creation care,” said Barbara Donahue, NCC congregant, and solar committee member. Barbara also added that “having gone through the process with CollectiveSun and Purepoint Energy we learned that both are very good partners to have in the process.”

On July 28, 2021, Barbara will be participating in a webinar with CollectiveSunto discuss NCC’s journey to go solar and the benefits of working with CollectiveSun. By partnering with CollectiveSun the church was able to take advantage of a 12% installation cost reduction since CollectiveSun was able to monetize tax credits otherwise unavailable to nonprofits.

“At the core of our work is a passion for helping the organizations that care for our communities,” said Lee Barken, Chief Community Officer for CollectiveSun. “Bringing the financial savings of solar to NCC allows the church to redirect funds to their mission-based work and improve the lives of everyone in the Newtown community and beyond.”

The installation is the culmination of the church’s long-standing commitment to sustainability. Before going solar, NCC converted to LED lighting and participated in an HVAC energy efficiency project. They also formed a Green Team to take part in the state’s Carbon Neutral Initiative and achieved level 3 Green recognition from the United Church of Christ in 2017.

Additionally, Newtown Congregational Church used EnergySage during their initial search for solar installers. EnergySage, a resource allowing buyers to search for competitive bids from pre-screened solar installers, is a collaborative partner with CollectiveSun in its effort to advance the growth of solar across the country.

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