Congregation Beth Shalom of the Blue Hills

Milton, Massachusetts

Organization Summary


Congregation Beth Shalom of the Blue Hills serves as a House of Prayer (Bet Tefilah), a House of Assembly (Bet Knesset), and a House of Study (Bet Midrash) in which the spectrum of traditional Jewish expression is cultivated, protected and nurtured.


Tzedakah, translated as “doing the right thing,” refers to every aspect of our lives and actions.

Tikun Olam is translated as “mending the world” and reminds us that meeting the needs of the world is God’s work, endowing our lives with holiness.

We therefore strive to:

  1. Educate adults and children in Judaism’s rich heritage and contemporary significance, sharing Jewish rituals and values from generation to generation.
  2. Provide a warm spiritual environment for the observance of Jewish tradition and the celebration of all our members’ life cycle events.
  3. Embrace K’lal Yisrael (Unity of the Jewish Community) by strengthening our link to worldwide Jewry and the State of Israel.
  4. Comfort and care for others with compassionate humility through the fulfillment of Mitzvot (Commandments) and Gemilut Chasadim (Deeds of Lovingkindness).
  5. Articulate and respond to the call for social justice and compassion by exercising concern for the benefit of the local and world community.