Hospice of the Foothills

Grass Valley, California

Organization Summary

Like most early hospice organizations, HOF began as an all-volunteer operation, providing services to communities in Nevada and Placer counties.

Since its founding in 1979, HOF has evolved from a small, all-volunteer operation, to the professional, interdisciplinary care team of today. In addition to the programs and services provided, HOF continues to focus on outreach, collaboration, education, and forming partnerships with others in our community.

HOF is a non-profit 501(c)(3), serving approximately 500 patients and families in Western Nevada County and surrounding communities every year.

Project Environmental Impact

carbon sequestered by 1,681 acres of forest carbon dioxide removed
Greenhouse Gas Emissions From 298 Passenger Vehicle Removed
Greenhouse gas emissions avoided by 467 Tons of waste recycled instead of landfill