Merced Golf & Country Club

Merced, California

“We here at Merced Golf and Country Club are so thankful to Greenworks for their support and guidance. Without their help, our solar project would have never materialized. Their knowledge of C-PACE Financing and their partnership with CollectiveSun proved to be better than any others. They are simply the best and most knowledgeable group in the market today. Their step-by-step guidance and availability allowed us to transform our Country Club! The process isn’t simple, but Greenworks made it easy! Just like a tap-in for Birdie!”

– John Curry, Merced Golf & Country Club President

Year one savings
Savings over project life

Organization Summary

The Merced Golf & Country Club is a private, member-owned golf club that was established in 1926 located in the central valley of California.

Merced Golf and Country Club identified solar as a way to decrease their monthly electricity bills by powering a significant portion of their clubhouse operations and charging their golf carts. The club was not in a position to make a $720K capital expenditure and, as a non-profit, could not monetize any of the tax benefits. Since smaller commercial and industrial projects often have trouble qualifying for traditional financing or an attractive PPA, the club was able to utilize the CollectivePACE program to quickly qualify for 100% financing with a 15% discount on a 305kW rooftop and solar carport system. With the discount and a 20 year term, their payment was spread out enough to make them cash flow positive from year one.

Project Environmental Impact

carbon sequestered by 499,251 acres of forest carbon dioxide removed
greenhouse gas emissions avoided by 138,603 tons of waste recycled instead of landfill