Newtown Congregational Church

Newtown, Connecticut

Organization Summary


Newtown Congregational Church (NCC) is a Christ-centered Protestant community that has served as a spiritual center for the Newtown, Connecticut area for over 300 years. Our congregation thrives because we commit to welcome all peoples into our membership. We understand that as part of our faith Christ expects us to “love our neighbor”. We realize and embrace “our neighbor” as anyone we have the opportunity to come in contact with or can affect the life of.

NCC proclaims itself to be an Open and Affirming Congregation of the United Church of Christ. We welcome persons of all sexual orientations, gender expressions, socioeconomic status, family configurations, personal history, ages, national origins, races, and physical or mental conditions.

We embrace people at any point in their faith journey and affirm each person’s freedom to pursue God’s unique calling. We celebrate God’s inclusive welcome at our Communion Table and affirm that full and equal participation in the life and leadership of our church is open to all.

We confess that we continue to discover how to more fully love one another as Jesus loves each one of us. In an often hurting and broken world, we also commit ourselves to the ongoing journey of learning and growing as a community of grace and reconcilliation.