St. John’s & St. Mark’s Lutheran

Canajoharie, New York

Organization Summary

St. John’s & St. Mark’s is set in the historic Mohawk Valley, which was settled by Palatine Germans beginning in the 1720’s, and was the scene of many skirmishes and battles of the Revolutionary War. The church’s roots go back to the first church built in Canajoharie in 1818, a union congregation with the Reformed Church. Lutherans remained in the Union Church building, even when it was moved for an expansion of the Erie Canal in 1839 and when the Reformed Congregation left for their own building in 1842. The Lutheran congregation, which became known as St. Mark’s, tore down the old building and built a new one, where it presently resides, in 1870. German speaking Lutherans formed St. John’s Lutheran Church in 1935. In 1970, the two Lutheran churches began sharing a pastor and merged in 1975, when the St. John’s building was sold.