St. Matthews Lutheran Church

Walnut Creek, California

Organization Summary


We are a neighborhood and neighboring-focused faith community. We are rooted in the heart of Contra Costa County and believe that anyone put before us is by nature, our neighbor. As a community of belonging, we lean into the art and rhythm of neighboring -we seek to learn and understand our neighborhood’s needs and work together to generate meaningful solutions.


We are a connecting, equipping, sending community, committed to following the way of Jesus together. We believe the church is a community – not a building – a people, a priesthood of kin-dom builders, and a way of being together in our world.


We believe we are co-creators with God, called to listen, be creative, innovative, and exploratory as we journey together. Fundamentally, we believe everyone has a role to play, and we do our work as allies in relationship with our neighborhood partners.

World of Difference

We are called to share God’s love and shalom “as we are going.” We are called to be “with” our neighbors in relationship – not to do “to” or “for” them. We believe the power of God creates BIG change…World-sized change. We do this by seeking God’s call to where our giftedness meets the needs of our neighborhoods.