St. Thomas Aquinas Parish Church

Fairfield, Connecticut

Organization Summary


For Saint Thomas Aquinas Parish,  prayer and liturgical worship is the essence of our faith community. The Gospel message is proclaimed by word and deed, and nurtured by ongoing opportunities for religious formation, evangelization, social action, and worship.


We stand proud of our parish history. Founded in 1876 we have a rich history of clergy, sisters, and laity. Our parish is named after one of the great saints of the church ST. THOMAS AQUINAS. We celebrate his feast day on January 28th known as the patron of all Catholic schools.

In January 1892 in a blinding snow storm, our church, convent and rectory were destroyed by fire. Sunday Masses were held at the Town Hall for the next several months.

A new church was ready for worship in 1894.  It was a brick church at a cost of $22,000.  It’s seating capacity of 650 gave proof the parish was growing.
In 1921 Father Blake (longest running pastor in our history) built the new St. Thomas school.

In 1956 the demolition  of St. Thomas Church began. The parish hall was used as a chapel until Feb. 24, 1957 the new church was dedicated by Bishop Shehan (First bishop of Bridgeport). This third church of the parish now had a seating of 1,064.

In recent years, the parishioners and friends of St. Thomas built a Parish Center in 2002 at a cost of $4.2 million. This parish center became a vibrant part of the life of the parish and community.

On our 130th anniversary (2006) it was said: “How we have grown as a community and recognize all those who have laid the foundation on which we continue to build. Some of their names and faces may be unfamiliar to us.  Others are cherished in memory of those still living.  Yet we are all united by our love for Jesus Christ…”