University Lutheran Church of Hope

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Organization Summary

Mission Statement

University Lutheran Church of Hope is a dynamic, welcoming community of faith, centered in God’s grace and called to demonstrate God’s love for the world.


Inspiring worship: We celebrate our Lutheran heritage through liturgy, challenging preaching and vibrant music reflecting many traditions.
Nurturing community: We are an urban spiritual center in a changing university neighborhood, opening our facilities and ministry to groups and individuals outside the congregation.
Relationships: We are a diverse community empowered by the love of Christ to care for and support one another as we grow in faith lives.
Challenging study: We are thoughtful believers dedicated to faith formation and mindful inquiry expanding our understanding of how God is at work in our lives.
Life-changing service: We commit ourselves to Christ’s command to love our neighbor through life-changing service to others.


We have recently set new vision goals to help us better understand and connect with God’s mission for the world, and more specifically our Marcy-Holmes and Dinkytown neighborhood. You can read our three new vision goals here.

Project Environmental Impact

Carbon sequestered by 1,395 Acres of forest carbon dioxide removed
Greenhouse Gas Emissions From 248 Passenger Vehicle Removed
Greenhouse gas emissions avoided by 387 Tons of waste recycled instead of landfill