Winslow Baptist Church

Sicklerville, New Jersey

Organization Summary

Winslow Baptist Church’s purpose is to facilitate an atmosphere of worship and fellowship for the entire family.

  • We believe in community.
  • We believe that everyone is important.
  • We believe that church should be a place where every person is valued and plays a valuable role.

Winslow Baptist Church’s Story


Winslow Baptist Church was established in 1973. Initially beginning as a Bible study in a basement, then moving into an area elementary school before building on the existing ministry site, WBC began as so many moves of God. In the past 45 years, God has done many great things and the future looks even more promising! The past decades have feature so many faithful families, each contributing to WBC in their own way as God used them to found, build, and grow the gospel ministry throughout Winslow Township. Some 45 years after her birth, WBC is still living up to the following statement which printed on the program of her 3rd Anniversary (March 23, 1976):

“Winslow Baptist Church has come into existence because it was God’s decree. Without Him this church would not be. Therefore, this church is His – He is the source and sustainer. God has brought us together; He deserves the praise…”