SunForAll Solar Fund

Solar Financing for Nonprofits

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Economic Impact

Why You Should Invest


When energy costs go down, those savings reduce operating costs for nonprofits which results in immediate positive cash flow that can be redeployed to support the organization’s charitable purpose. Solar savings instantly translate into more mission related programs. These are the programs that provide needed services in our community.

2. Environmental Impact

SunForAll invests in solar projects that have a direct and measurable carbon dioxide reduction by replacing fossil fuel consumption in favor of renewable and clean energy. Solar deployments directly support the fight against climate change.

3. Economic Impact

For one participating nonprofit, a $1.4M solar project is projected to save the nonprofit $2.8M in energy costs over the lifetime of the system (25 years). These savings fuel the mission of the nonprofit and reduces their dependence on traditional fundraising. Instead of making a donation to pay the nonprofit’s utility bill, why not make a solar project investment and eliminate the utility bill?

Interested in Investing in the

SunForAll Solar Fund?

Why the Focus on Solar?

Having access to solar energy reduces operating expenses for nonprofits which makes them more financially sustainable. Stronger nonprofits enhance our social fabric and strengthen our communities, helping them become more reliable and resilient.

Not to mention the incredible impact solar has on our environment!

What is a Solar Endowment?

SunForAll Solar Fund Impact Investors receive semi-annual principal and interest repayments. However, after the investments are fully repaid, the nonprofit continues to enjoy free and clean renewable energy for years to come, enabling them to better serve their community. It’s like a “solar endowment” that generates savings every year.

” All five of these organizations serve a vital role in our broader community and make a big difference in the lives of those they serve. During a year in which we have seen extreme weather events from climate change against the backdrop of a massive economic and public health disaster, we need our nonprofits more than ever, and we need them to be sustainable for the long term – both financially and environmentally. “

— Kara Ballester,

Co-Founder & President of BQuest Foundation