We’ve discussed many of the different benefits that arise from the responsible deployment of solar power solutions among nonprofits. Everything from an enhanced environmental profile, to burgeoning community engagement opportunities, to simply saving money. Today we’re going to delve a little deeper into the environmental aspects of solar power and how they can aid the environment while also increasing your profile in your community and increasing your membership’s engagement.

Even the smallest installation package offered through CollectiveSun would eliminate emissions into the atmosphere equivalent to 7,407 pounds of coal. That’s a pretty serious chunk of environmental consciousness, and it really helps to put things into perspective.
Combating the spread of climate change is a piece-by-piece effort, and your nonprofit can help do their part through the utilization of solar energy.

Nonprofits can’t benefit from the tax incentives offered by various government agencies for adopting solar power. This is because nonprofits don’t have a “tax appetite” due to their preexisting tax-exempt status. CollectiveSun has developed a way – through some financial jiu-jitsu that we’d love to discuss with you more – to provide similar benefits to nonprofits who utilize solar, despite the existing roadblocks.

Not only will a solar installation save a nonprofit money right now, but it will continue to save the organization money long into the future. Solar energy is capable of providing nonprofits with the long-term energy stability that they crave in a world where energy markets are hostile and anything but predictable.

The combination of solar power’s environmental and financial impact makes it excellent at one more important thing: getting your members excited! These days everyone wants to do their part to aid the environment, and by establishing a solar power system at your organization you make your nonprofit the gateway by which your members can get involved.

Everything from raising the initial funds (which also gives members a tangible feeling of being a part of the project) to the PR push after the project is installed can get members excited to be a part of this exciting development in your organization.

Member engagement is nearly as key to the success of a nonprofit as energy security, and working with CollectiveSun can provide both. CollectiveSun can assists you in locating a solar installer, raising funds for the project, and even reaching out to your member base to get things done.
If you’d like to learn more about what your organization and CollectiveSun can accomplish together please Contact Us, or drop us a line in the comments. One of our experts would love to dive into the details of how CollectiveSun can help you.

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