CollectiveSun Partner Spotlight: Elevate

Over the years CollectiveSun has recognized that a key aspect of our work is the support of a number of..

Solar Inspiration — Solar & Youth Services: A Relationship That Helps Secure Our Future

Nonprofits that serve youth have a profound impact. Often, they are the organizations that look to meet the needs of our..

SunForAll Solar Spotlight: San Diego Center for Children

More and more, operational and environmental sustainability is becoming an integral part of Nonprofit organizations’ missions in America. Our team..

Solar Inspiration — How Housing Organizations are Bringing Solar Home

Story by Sara Carbone, CollectiveSun Content Marketing Manager There is a wide range of housing organizations in America – from..

SunForAll Solar Spotlight: San Diego Habitat for Humanity

Nonprofit organization’s commitment to their mission and their community is a constant reminder of the incredible impact they make in..

The Solar Industry & COVID: Seth Mullendore of the Clean Energy Group

Clean Energy Group has a deep commitment to environmental justice and helping make renewables accessible to all Americans. Based in..

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