One of the most valuable benefits that solar power can provide a nonprofit is the guarantee of future energy stability. By significantly lessening or even entirely eliminating a nonprofits appetite for electricity, a solar power installation can save a nonprofit tens of thousands of dollars during its lifetime.

Over the last decade electricity prices in the San Diego area, and throughout California, have continued their strong upward trend – that means dramatically more expensive electricity. Most businesses can stomach these rising utility costs, but nonprofits often operate on shoe-string budgets where every penny counts and a drastic rise in utility costs could prove to be disastrous.

Over the past three decades, California’s utility costs have spiked nearly 7 percent annually. During the ten years between 2002 and 2012 electricity prices jumped from just over $0.13 /kWh to nearly $0.20 /kWh, as illustrated by this graph from the California Public Utilities website. According to the San Diego Reader, energy costs in San Diego, and California, in general, are some of the most expensive in the country.

Despite how expensive electricity has become one thing is still free: sunshine. Not only is sunshine free, but it’s an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fuels and its abundant in beautiful California. A solar power installation installed with the help of CollectiveSun can take advantage of this bountiful resource to help keep the lights on at your organization.

With solar power, your nonprofit controls its own energy production and use. You will be liberated from the wildly fluctuating energy rates and uncertainty tied to them. The power you generate from your solar installation will not be subject to increased rates and will allow you to plan for the future with some sense of stability.

Installing a solar power system is similar to pre-paying for 30+ years of power at a small fraction of the current cost. That means that even when electricity prices go up, your costs stay the same.
Learn more about how CollectiveSun can help your organization ensure their future energy stability through a community-funded solar power installation. Contact Us to learn about what it means to work with CollectiveSun, and how solar power can provide a myriad of benefits above and beyond energy stability.

Bring some sunlight into your nonprofit, contact CollectiveSun today.

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