Ransom Everglades High School

Miami, Florida

Organization Summary

A private institution with a public purpose, Ransom Everglades combines rigorous college preparation with a commitment to leaving the world better than we found it.

From the days when the school split the year between the Adirondacks and Coconut Grove, Biscayne Bay has been the true center of student life, the setting for everything from biology classes to sailing and kayaking. Stewardship of nature remains a core value. Every freshman receives a compass and is taught how to use it during a five-day Outward Bound trip to the Everglades.

Learning to navigate unfamiliar environments has always been a key part of a Ransom Everglades education, whether the challenge is physical, academic or ethical. Developing leadership capabilities is equally important and, at RE, leadership is defined as creating opportunities for others. Almost all of our students participate in service programs — many of which are conceived, funded, staffed and led by students.

Paul C. Ransom once wrote that the kind of young people he wanted to teach “… believe that they are in the world not so much for what they can get out of it as for what they can put into it.”

More than a century later, Mr. Ransom would still recognize his school and its students.


Guided by the words of paul c. Ransom, ransom everglades school produces graduates who “Believe that they are in the world not so much for what they can get out of it as for what they can put into it.” the mission of ransom everglades school is to provide an educational environment in which the pursuit of honor, academic excellence and intellectual growth is complemented by concern for the physical, cultural and character development of each student. The school provides rigorous college preparation that promotes the student’s sense of identity, community, personal integrity and values for a productive and satisfying life, and prepares the student to lead and contribute to society.