Today we’re going to take a look at another unique nonprofit funding model that is employed by many successful nonprofits throughout the country. The Stanford Social Innovation Review terms this the “Public Provider Model” of nonprofit funding, and it may suit your particular organization perfectly.

Many nonprofits base their fundraising around the necessary services which they provide to their communities. These nonprofits are using the Public Provider Model. They provide a wide range of valuable services to their communities, such as housing, human services, education, and healthcare. Many of these nonprofits receive government assistance in order to carry out these services, but they must also rely on the reciprocal generosity of their members and community.

This kind of nonprofit serves as a private, but publicly funded, arm of the federal and state service providers. In exchange for government assistance, these nonprofits provide valuable services normally provided by government institutions.

Nonprofits using the Public Provider Model can benefit from the goodwill they generate through the services they provide. By providing essential services to their communities, these nonprofits normally garner reciprocal assistance from the people in their community. While many nonprofits provide relatively intangible services, Public Providers provide immediate and obvious assistance to those most in need.

Your organization doesn’t necessarily need to be a Public Provider to learn something from this type of organization. Relying on the goodwill that you build up in your community as a motivator for fundraising is one possible strategy that can be employed by all kinds of nonprofits.

CollectiveSun can actually assist your nonprofit in building upon this goodwill through the installation of a solar power system. Not only will solar power help your organization save money and increase future stability, but it can help you make waves in your community.

The installation of a solar power array attracts the right kind of attention in your community. It shows that your organization is “green” and environmentally conscious, and it also communicates the fact that you are forward thinking and plan to be around for the long haul. All of this helps to foster community and member engagement, and hopefully increases the success of your fundraising efforts.

Your new solar installation can also give back to the community by providing clean, efficient energy to power your organization – and maybe even provide some power back to the grid.

To learn more about how CollectiveSun can help your organization install a solar installation to cut costs and boost community engagement, simply Contact Us today. We’ll be happy to discuss the funding and installation process with you in detail, and outline even more great benefits of working with CollectiveSun!

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