The experts over at Heatspring Magazine recently sat down with CollectiveSun founder and CCO Lee Barken to discuss how CollectiveSun can help make solar power an affordable reality for nearly any nonprofit organization.

Over the course of the 40-minute interview, Mr. Barken delved into what makes CollectiveSun such a unique organization and such a special partner for nonprofits throughout California. CollectiveSun is different than so many other organizations because it is tailor-made to serve nonprofits and their particular needs.

Mr. Barken and everyone at CollectiveSun realized from the earliest incarnation of CollectiveSun that partnering with nonprofits provided a special opportunity for all parties involved. The social mission of many nonprofits pairs exceptionally well with the environmentally-friendly agenda of solar power, and the partnership provides a wide range of benefits for both parties involved.

CollectiveSun also realized just how large and underserved a market nonprofit organizations presented. According to the NCCS, there are more than 1.4 million nonprofits in the US. All of these organizations can benefit from the improved predictability of operation costs provided by solar power, and nearly every nonprofit can take advantage of solar power’s money-saving capabilities.

Yet many nonprofits never considered solar power as a remedy to their financial woes simply because solar installations are expensive, and very few banks were willing to lend them the money they needed to get the solar installations installed. That’s where CollectiveSun comes in.

Nonprofits are a special case because they often cannot take advantage of the various tax incentives provided by the government for solar power adoption (because they have no tax appetite to begin with). CollectiveSun solves this dilemma by providing an innovative financing option for nonprofits that benefits both the nonprofit and CollectiveSun’s investors. You can learn much more about the inner workings of CollectiveSun in the excellent Heatspring Magazine interview, available here.

If you’d like to learn more about what CollectiveSun can specifically do for you and your organization please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the entire process with you in detail. You can also visit the CollectiveSun website for more information about how CollectiveSun came to be, and learn more about our past successful projects.

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