Scotty, Take Us to Warp Speed!
CollectiveSun® admitted to the EvoNexus tech accelerator.
After a rigorous application, screening, and due diligence process, CollectiveSun® has been selected along with 25 other firms for the EvoNexus program. The field of applicants included 212 startups from the U.S. and Canada.
EvoNexus is a tech incubator and accelerator, designed to support the creation of tech jobs in San Diego and Irvine by helping startups take flight.
Here’s how they do it, in their own words:
EvoNexus is a technology startup incubator that empowers motivated entrepreneurs with mentorship, guidance, and the largest network in Southern California. Unlike most incubators and accelerators, EvoNexus does not require startups to surrender equity and focuses instead on growing the Southern Californian economy and creating jobs.
CollectiveSun® provides the transformative market solution of making solar affordable for nonprofits through our crowd-lending platform. The EvoStart program will allow us to expand our ability to help nonprofits go solar and spread the power of crowd-lending.
As an EvoNexus company, CollectiveSun® team members Lee Barken, Matt Brennan, Erika Morgan, and Kathy Myers now have access to the mentorship of successful serial entrepreneurs along with workshops, angel investors, and a network of professionals dedicated to business development.
EvoNexus also provides workspace, business services, and a program of success that demonstrates that this innovative model works to grow startups like CollectiveSun® quickly and sustainably.
Buckle your seatbelts, we are jumping to warp speed!
CollectiveSun® – Power BY the people.

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