CollectiveSun founder and Chief Community Officer Lee Barken was recently featured in an interview on the CrowdFundBeat website. You can watch the entirety of the interview here and learn a great deal about CollectiveSun, its mission, and the benefits a partnership with CollectiveSun can deliver to nonprofits.

Lee’s interview covers a broad array of topics, ranging from the tax benefits that CollectiveSun helps to provide nonprofits, to how a partnership with CollectiveSun can help grow the member base of nonprofits, and even how solar energy in nonprofits can help address some serious concerns surrounding the environment. Lee also explains the way that funding and investing with CollectiveSun works in a simple and concise manner.

If you have any interest in investing with CollectiveSun, or if you’re simply curious about how exactly it all works, this great interview will shine some light on the mechanisms that allow CollectiveSun to provide so many excellent benefits for all kinds of nonprofits in our community.

One excellent and commonly asked question addressed in the interview is, “What can CollectiveSun do for nonprofits in places where it snows or isn’t sunny all the time?” Lee addresses this concern by providing successful examples from around the world and provides some interesting insight into the growing solar economy abroad and at home.

Lee also discusses how CollectiveSun works closely with installers to guarantee that the solar installations are a custom fit for the needs of the nonprofit. CollectiveSun also provides excellent PR benefits for installers and can help to grow their client base utilizing exposure through the CollectiveSun partnership.

This thorough and informative interview is an excellent introduction to the mutually beneficial partnerships that make CollectiveSun so special.

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