SunForAll Solar Fund

Transforming your organization as you transform your community

The nonprofit solar financing solution designed exclusively for you

Created by CollectiveSun with lead investor BQuest Foundation and other impact investors, SunForAll Solar Fund removes financing barriers faced by nonprofits seeking to go solar. The Fund is designed to give you access to a grant, solar tax credits that lower the system installation cost, and a loan with an attractive rate. SunForAll Solar Fund’s nonprofit solar financing model helps you use solar energy to cut your operating costs and enjoy savings, so you’re better able to pursue your mission-focused programs and services.

SunForAll Solar Fund was designed for organizations that seek to use solar to increase social and economic equity in their communities and generate environmental benefits. The Fund combines two components that add up to fund 100% of your solar installation cost: a tax-like credit that knocks 12% off the cost and a low-interest 10-year term loan that takes care of the remaining. The result is a solar system that lowers your carbon footprint and is a $0 down investment with a positive cash flow from the start.

Both you and the communities you serve to reap the benefits when you experience the operational and environmental sustainability found through the power of solar!

SunForAll Solar Fund Environmental Impact

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carbon sequestered by
acres of forest carbon dioxide removed
greenhouse gas emissions avoided by
tons of water recycled instead of landfill

Nonprofit solar financing for 100% of your system cost

SunForAll Solar Fund combines two components – a low-interest loan and a solar tax credit – that add up to fund 100% of the cost of a solar installation

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Free Technical Review

CollectiveSun will provide a feasibility assessment to determine the optimal project size and projected solar savings for your nonprofit.

No Collateral Requirements: 0%

There are no collateral requirements beyond the solar equipment itself.

Payment and Interest Holiday

SunForAll Solar Fund provides a payment holiday during the construction period so there are no costs while the system is under construction.

No Origination Fees

Unlike other loans, SunForAll Solar Fund does not have any origination fees such as underwriting, processing, or application fees.

12% or more tax-like credit benefit

12% of the cost is provided by CollectiveSun through our Solar Power Agreement (SPA) with the nonprofit. Tax benefits that would otherwise be lost due to a nonprofit’s tax exempt status are shared via the SPA structure.

SunForAll Solar Fund will be accepting applications for our next funding cycle very soon!

ALL applicants must meet the below criteria to be eligible for funding:
  • The organization is a valid and current 501(c)3 entity.
  • The organization is located in California. Please inquire for other states. (link to contact Lee)
  • The organization has or is able to quickly secure a valid solar bid(s). Priority is given to organizations that have a significant positive social impact and/or have had difficulty qualifying for traditional solar financing options.
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