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Direct Pay & the ITC Bonus Adders Update: What You Need to Know

This webinar originally aired on Thursday, November 2nd, 2023

Direct Pay & ITC Bonus Adders Update PLUS an Eligibility Map Tutorial

Join us for a conversation about time-sensitive updates on Direct Pay and the ITC Bonus Adders.

Direct Pay & ITC Bonus Adders Update Webinar YouTube Video Link


Do you find Direct Pay and ITC Bonus Adders confusing?

You are not alone! CollectiveSun is here to help you decode the complexities embedded in the Inflation Reduction Act’s Direct Pay and ITC bonus adder provisions benefit and ITC bonus adders.

Here is what you can look forward to learning more about:

  • Excessive Benefit
    • If you are funding all or part of your solar project with grants earmarked for solar, your Direct Pay benefits may be reduced to $0. Join us to understand the rules and protect your Direct Pay eligibility.
  • Direct Pay Eligibility Deadlines for 6/30 Year End Filers
    • If you have a 6/30-year end, the pre-filing registration needs to be completed prior to submitting your tax return. We’ll explain timing requirements and how to solve this problem if the Direct Pay portal is not open in time.
  • Map Tutorial
    • How to use the Department of Energy’s Low-Income Communities Bonus Adder. We’ll provide a real-time tutorial to explain how to verify eligibility for your organization.
  • Interactive Q&A
    • Questions from our audience will be answered by our experts during our question-and-answer session at the end of the webinar.


Slide Deck: Direct Pay & ITC Bonus Adders Updates Webinar

Eligibility Map Links: Low-Income Communities Bonus Adder & Energy Community Bonus Adder

Fully Answered Q&A: Direct Pay & ITC Bonus Adders Updates Q&A


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