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Faith Communities, Going Solar Together Webinar


This webinar originally aired on Thursday, November 30th, 2023
A collaborative webinar with Interfaith Solar Campaign & CollectiveSun

Join us for a conversation about how to make solar a reality for your congregation

Slide deck, fully answered Q&A, the webinar recording and more below!

The Interfaith Solar Campaign​ was established to advance solar projects with faith-based communities. This initiative has evolved into a movement to advance creation care theologies and transform the energy economy. Through this campaign, congregations are provided with practical tools to help fill the knowledge gap that often stops congregations from adopting solar.

In this webinar:

  • Learn how your congregation can take tangible climate action by getting solar panels for your building. Understand the value of solar in the creation care conversation and how to communicate to others in your organization why this is important and how to achieve solar and save money.
  • We’ll review new financing options that are only available to houses of worship and communities of faith. Learn how good environmental stewardship can also advance cost savings and financial sustainability goals.
  • We’ll also share how going solar will serve to inspire others in your community and your congregation to take their own climate action steps. You’ll walk away knowing how to get started on a solar project, and feeling the support you need to get started.


Slide Deck: Faith Communities, Going Solar Together Webinar

Fully Answered Q&A:  Click Here!

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